Golden plan for anniversary

Were you in Alnwick in 1964-67?

We were at Alnwick Teacher Training College and are celebrating our 50th anniversary on September 12, with a special dinner in the Castle Guest Hall (where we used to do our PE).

We have all kept in contact and share a special bond with Alnwick, often returning for reunions and holidays.

We aim to visit the Aln Valley Railway, our own Cherry Tree in the Gardens and our old haunts in the Castle.

We are producing a book of our memories which will be on sale that weekend and would like to thank the Castle, the Railway, the Northumberland Gazette and St Cloud University who have all been so welcoming and helpful.

If anyone remembers us and would like to come and meet us or join in the fun, please contact me for more information.

Rosemary Moffatt

01502 741486