Give us back our freedom

I am an 11-year-old pupil at Glendale Community Middle School, Wooler, and am very sad that County Hall health and safety has stopped our challenge walks.

Our school holds a reputation for giving out a wide variety of opportunities such as swimming, walking, activity weeks, the list goes on. Our challenge walks at the end of the year get us to put our last drop of effort in so that we can recharge in the summer holidays. We have check-points in every walk in case there is the need to drive a pupil back to school.

These walks keep us fit and healthy and let us explore the environment we are in. We work together like cogs, which means that we keep each other going to the very end and more importantly help each other to push ourselves. We carry safety, determination and team spirit on our walks and would like our freedom back. We will keep fighting for it.

Harriet Renner, Whittingham