Give credit where it’s due

Having received the latest spin from the Northumberland Liberals, I feel I have to say something in response as the continuous propoganda is just nauseating.

Ninety two years ago in 1922 was the last time the Liberal Party were in government in this country, although they did do some good work with regards to welfare reforms they have not been a major player since.

They have played a walk-on part as a minor coalition partner in several governments since 1922 but largely went into decline during the 1950s.

I refer now to the current bombardment of literature from the Liberals in which it would seem if we were to believe what we read that they govern this country and are responsible for handing out money for apprenticeships and for creating almost 10,000 jobs in Northumberland.

As part of a responsible government, it is the job of any MP, whether in government or opposition, to lobby those in charge to help create an equitable society for us all.

The Liberals may have helped shape policy and helped the introduction of schemes to help create work but unless this is ratified by the whole government which is predominantly Conservative, it wouldn’t have any success.

So now we have the Liberals telling us that they cut the deficit by a third, they have created 3,070 apprenticeships locally, they have created 6,000 private sector jobs in Northumberland (which surely must be equal to the entire adult population of Morpeth) Is it 3,070 + 6,000 by the way, or is the 3,070 part of the 6,000?

Now they tell us that it is a two-horse race for Northumberland? They may be in for a surprise.

Apparently Julie Porksen, the Liberals’ choice is a true Northumbrian, whilst the Conservative, I think they mean Anne-Marie Trevelyan, worked as a corporate financier in London.

What difference does this make? Surely it is the best person for the job.

Porksen has only just recently come onto the scene, having worked around the globe and in London.

Whereas Trevelyan actually works in Northumberland, has brought several Government Ministers to the region and has I know worked tirelessly in her campaign to dual the A1 road. Credit where credit is due please.

In future literature I would prefer to receive less rhetoric and spin but more of what you would do in the next coalition government, because let’s face it, the Liberals are not and will never be the party ‘ in Government’.

Oh and by the way, we might need to know which party will you be supporting next time.

Bruce Hewison MBE

by email