Give-and-take approach

I REALLY thought it necessary to reply to the letter in the Gazette with regard to Craster Parish Council.

My husband and I have been parish councillors over a period of 40 years, Jimmie for 33 years and myself parish clerk and councillor for 15 years. In all this period, never once has anyone offered themselves to the parish council from Dunstan Steads – the statement ‘not in living memory’ is rubbish. Also, we have had several local farmers on the council so we are not ‘out of touch’.

The planning application was well discussed over two meetings. We listened to both sides and came to the conclusion that a little bit of give-and-take was the only answer. As a parish council, we do not have a crystal ball which lets us look into the future, so we do not know what the farmer plans in the years to come. In any event, Northumberland County Council has the final decision. Just one thing, I did look in the back room of the village hall and there were no barrack room lawyers.

Just a footnote, my fellow councillors sit every month at the parish council. We do it for our village. Sometimes we are there for two hours, we do not get paid and we are there for the people who live here.

Perhaps Monica Cornall would like to stand at the next election.

Joyce Shaw,

Parish Councillor,

Whin Hill, Craster