Get-together a huge success

Glendale Middle School reunion.
Glendale Middle School reunion.

Wooler organisations have benefited to the tune of £1,450 thanks to the generous people who came to support and donate to a very successful Glendale County Secondary School 60th anniversary reunion weekend.

‘What a busy year for the committee’, ‘What an amazing weekend, one of the best days of my life in Wooler’ and ‘Even better than the 50th anniversary’ were just some of the remarks made after the school reunion held at the school.

Andy Whittle with the bonus of Neil Ferrow ‘coming along for the ride’, set the weekend alight with a meet and greet with great selection of music through the decades, especially the 60s, at the Tankerville.

Highlight of Ann Lockhart’s weekend, residing in West Yorkshire, was meeting up with all her old Milfield pals including Wilma Carr, living in the Heathrow flight-path, whom she had never seen since school days and which reignited their friendship.

During this time, a back-door entrant by the name of comedian John Bishop happened to be passing by and popped in.

During the Saturday afternoon, Miss Bull, present head teacher welcomed 243 people to the school to a wonderful buffet with wine provided by Lance Strother, school artefacts, all old school photos, memories etc.

An old reel found in the school archives turned out to be an old audio tape of a barn dance recorded from the school in 1956.

There was a wonderful buzz in the air when old friends met up after a long number of years, no excuses for not remembering as everyone wore their school name badges.

On a tour of the school, still exceptionally well maintained, the most prominent difference was the old geography room turned into a wonderful computer room and the art room now a domestic science room.

Changed days from trundling across to the PI Centre at the other end of Weetwood Avenue every week.

Old school photos were continuously displayed on an overhead screen, along with 50th anniversary video showing film of Wooler and surrounding area supplied by Cyril Guthrie.

Cyril and Norma Guthrie commented on the photographs being taken by them with great hilarity in trying to control all 14 ex-teachers who attended during the period of 1953-1977.

Photographs and presentations are now on display in the RSPCA shop window for a limited time.

Please also ask to add comments regarding the weekend/school into the comments book if you have not already done so.

Mrs Bagley, former music teacher, got everyone joining in to sing the school hymn and Mrs Ancrum did not let age deter her in attending for a few hours and doing the honour of cutting the cake donated by former pupil Sheena Morton.

All too soon the afternoon ended and moved on to a great evening with 170 attending in the Tankerville with Tommy Grieve providing the music.

Remainder of photographs and videos were repeated on the Sunday morning in the Tankerville with weekend closure and goodbyes.

The reunion weekend would not have happened without my hard-working committee of Eileen Ridpeath, Patricia Lyall, Jennifer Houston, Sheila Mather, Jean Dunbar, Gerald Tait and Teresa Turnbull (joint treasurers) throughout the year who I am very indebted to.

A huge congratulations and thank-you to every single one who turned up, supported, donated, especially raffles and bottles, and helped in any way to make this a huge success and unforgettable enjoyable weekend.

It’s been a pleasure to work with you all and grapevine tells me that there may be a successor for another reunion in 2018 – keep it free.

Note: It is with sadness that we note the death of Mrs Ancrum who passed away on December 26, and our condolences to the family. She cut the cake and enjoyed every minute of the reunion.

Joyce (Fraser) McLean