Get statue back on agenda

WITH reference to the Harry Hotspur statue, I write to add my voice to the views of the two former mayors whose letters were printed in last week’s Gazette.

I endorse all their comments and would like to point out that each of them are of different political persuasions, which I trust the present councillors have noted.

The new councillors have obviously not been given the facts or guidance about the financial support given initially to the project.

I hope I am wrong in being suspicious that party politics are to blame in the decision taken.

There is no place for politics at town council level.

As a life-time Tory, I blame the local Conservative party for proposing and supporting a candidate which the other parties had no choice but to follow.

Mr Mayor, I beg of you to put this item on a future agenda when hopefully commonsense will reign supreme.

Mary Graham,

Pickwick Place,