GAZETTE COMMENT: You’ve been voted in... NOW DELIVER!

General Election count in Alnwick 2015'Anne-Marie Trevelyan'Picture by Jane Coltman
General Election count in Alnwick 2015'Anne-Marie Trevelyan'Picture by Jane Coltman
  • Dualling of the A1 as far as Ellingham
  • Continue to push for dualling to Berwick
  • Enterprise Zone for north Northumberland
  • Northern Powerhouse up to Scottish border
  • Decent broadband throughout the county

This year’s General Election campaign was full of promises and pledges – and the Berwick constituency was no different – but the proof really is in the pudding.

The Conservatives, in particular, made a number of high-profile announcements, such as the £290million investment in dualling and improving the A1 and, to build on this, the creation of an Enterprise Zone for north Northumberland. Whichever candidate you may have voted for, Anne-Marie Trevelyan is now Berwick’s MP and the Tories have been returned to power in Westminster, this time with a small majority.

For the first time since 1997, there is an all-Conservative cabinet and for the first time since 1973, the Berwick constituency and the country are in the control of the same party.

This may not be to everyone’s taste, but it does mean one thing – there are no excuses for not following through on what has been promised.

Mrs Trevelyan herself reiterated these pledges immediately after her victory last Friday, referring to the dualling of the A1, tackling rural deprivation, broadband and an Enterprise Zone so that Amble, Alnwick and Berwick can draw in new business.

It is her job over the next five years to hold the Prime Minister and Chancellor to account for this and we, in turn, will be holding her to account.

All of the above pledges are aimed at strengthening the north Northumberland economy and providing much-needed jobs, so come 2020, the electorate should be feeling the benefits of these initiatives.

There are concerns from some that the political system in this country is broken due to a lack of trust in politicians and a feeling of disconnect between them and the people that elect them.

Doing what you told the voters you would is one way to tackle this issue head on.