For the sake of safety, give it – and us – a rest

As a resident of Alnwick town centre, can I please appeal for Northumbria Police to start taking some measures to rein in the growing number of so-called ‘boy-racers’ who are using our streets as their own personal Brands Hatch.

This isn’t just a weekend problem, it has now spread to week days and nights, even when the weather is poor.

Speeding is not the only problem – there is a very real issue of anti-social noise generated by excessive engine-revving, wheel-spinning, inappropriate use of horns and, more recently, mopeds doing circuits of the town well into the wee small hours of the morning.

I don’t have to explain what a moped sounds like at 2am.

And this isn’t just young people, either. There’s one gent who must be in his thirties who seems to relish gunning his engine at the loudest possible levels as he takes his modified rally car on one of his regular tours of our town centre.

Driving like this does not gain you any respect, at least from the over-20s who have to put up with your noise day in, day out. Every time you accellerate wildly from a standstill, every time you rev your engine to the red line when you spot a mate, it makes you look like a simpleton. This is especially true when you’re driving a one-litre Vauxhall Corsa.

You’re also in real danger of losing control of your vehicle.

I for one hope our local police officers feel your collars before you hurt someone with your self-indulgent, careless road habits.

I’ll finish by saying I have no problem with young people parking up together to chat, so long as they are respectful to residents and don’t leave the place strewn with litter afterwards. We were all young once and this is part of growing up.

Dangerous and inconsiderate driving, however, isn’t.

Name and address supplied