Fond memory of our postie

Last week I was at the funeral of a very good friend of the family, Adam Dagg.

He was our postman many years ago. We lived at Usway Ford, bordering the Cheviot Hills, with no telephone and a very poor road to it.

I remember when Grandmother took ill, Adam opened the telegram (he had permission) and organised a taxi to take us to see her. We had a three-and-a-half-mile walk to Barrowburn, the pick-up point, but Adam knew how long it would take, and had the taxi there on time.

He always had Christmas dinner with us. Mother would ask if he’d like some Christmas pudding, and he used to say, ‘Wait a minute Annie, I’ll walk around the table, then I’ll tell you better’.

That was Adam. Rest in peace.

Neil Telfer

Wharton Cottages