Fond farewell, Sister

I WAS very shocked and saddened to learn of the death of sister Carmel.

Although we met only briefly at a weekly exercise class, she seemed to have an impact on the whole class. She was very friendly, had a grand sense of humour and she also loved a good, old-fashioned time.

How sad that Sister Carmel died so near to Christmas, but there’s yet another twinkling star in the sky.

l What is the actual point of wind turbines, other than the fact that they’re a HUGE con on the majority of us?

What is the point of these machines?

When the wind is blowing gently, most of them aren’t working. Of course, when there are gale force winds none of them work at all. Even when there is no wind whatsoever, only one or two of them are working and these machines are supposed to provide electricity for 5,000 homes? I doubt if it is 50.

Windfarms are an enormous BLOT on our beautiful Northumbrian countryside.

All this does not seem to matter one whit to landowners, who provide the land for the monstosities, nor to the electricity companies, who have been charging us for some time for these windfarms on our electricty bills.

Britain used to be a democracy but is now a dictatorship, as many things including windfarms – not to be confused with lovely old-fashioned windmills, of which there are now only one or two left – and other pet projects are put into place WITHOUT the agreement of the majority of the population.

Sheena Campbell

St Aidan’s,