Flint provides a service

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I’d like to pen a response to a letter in the Gazette letters page, May 2, Unfair on dog owners.

As a dog owner and horse owner myself, I can confirm I do clean up after my dog. I find it totally unacceptable when people don’t clean up after their dogs in public areas where others are walking and children playing.

My horse, an 18-hand shire cross, as you can imagine can deposit quite large piles of manure so now I save all my Asda carrier bags and take them with me when riding out in the gorgeous Northumberland countryside, and when he does a huge poo I climb down and scoop it up, then deposit it into the nearest horse manure bin, or I sell it to any keen gardener wanting to feed their roses.

Horse manure is like gold to gardeners, they love it, and my horse Flint supplies a much-needed service.

Hope this answers your question.

Emma Atkinson,