Firing times are welcome

HOW nice to see that the firing times for Otterburn Ranges are being publicised in the Gazette again.

I’ve missed them, although it is a pity that many of your readers will be unaware of the implications.

Nearly every fortnight there is a ‘non-firing’ weekend, which means you can go up onto the ranges and drive on the highest roads in Northumberland.

These cross the watershed between the Coquet and the Rede and give stunning views (on a good day).

And, when there is no wind, there is a superb 35-mile cycle circuit from Holystone, through the ranges to Chew Green and all the way back down the Coquet Valley.

Access maps for the ranges are available at Tourist Offices (eg Rothbury) and can be found on the MOD webpage.

If you’ve never been up there before, the next non- firing weekend is September 24/25, give it a go.

Vic Brown,

West Thirston,


Editor’s note: We too are glad to see the firing times back after a period of not being sent them.