Fines needed on causeway

I’M glad the Gazette’s patience is running out, because, as a committed supporter of the RNLI, mine has already done so.

I refer to the ongoing rescuing of irresponsible idiots who ignore the Lindisfarne causeway safe crossing notices.

Goodness only knows what the annual cost is, not only in terms of money, but also time and energy.

Therefore, as a means of making money, rather than wasting it, may I urge the county council to impose the following fines, to be displayed along these lines:

Is it worth it?

If you need to be rescued from the causeway because you have ignored the safe crossing times notice, the following fines will be imposed.

Minimum fine £100. Maximum fine £1,000.

Bear in mind we will know your car registration number.

So think again.

By order of Northumberland County Council.

All it needs is a few cases to be given maximum publicity and this silly practice will largely cease.

Tony Chesterman,

Hillside, Lesbury