Fewer hookers, please!

I REFER to your article on page 15 in last week’s Gazette, viz. ‘Belford Hookers’.

I consider such an article with its references to hookers and women bondaging in Northumberland to be singularly inappropriate in a so-called family newspaper.

One expects a rural newspaper to carry stories about sheep rustling and petty drink-induced crime, not titillating revelations about what a group of women get up to in their spare time.

Perhaps these women should get out a bit less and just buy their rugs like normal human beings, rather than push their bondager proggy mats on the rest of us.

I have cancelled my subscription to your organ and have forwarded a copy to the relevant authorities.

I think Bell View Resource Centre can expect a visit from the boys in blue sometime very soon. If these “ladies” have any sense they’ll destroy these tasteless depictions before the long arm of the law catches up with them.

Finally, I would suggest that you consider the offence caused to some of your readers by participating in this sort of gutter-press activity.

If you can’t keep it clean then publish and be damned, Sir.

R Handyside,