Festival of pride

ONCE again, 12 months of intricate work by Anne, Doreen and a host of almost unseen volunteers produced another spectacular August show for the Alnwick International Music Festival.

This despite last- minute hitches, one of which was our Moscow embassy blocking the popular Family Tradition group.

As their adopted grandfather, I can name them among my ever-expanding group of international friends who correspond with me.

I wait with interest a reply (if I get one) to my protest to ‘why block’ my friends who are always welcome.

Despite this, and two other groups not being able to get there, the weather and that crash, we were treated to a splendid festival.

Interested in such events for 60 years, I settled on Alnwick’s show as the best in England 25 years ago and I will not miss it as long as I am able to get up from Sheffield.

All the groups were up to the usual international standard, the best, in my view, being the Bretons.

Their competition programme was premiered on Saturday night and was the most amazing that any of us had seen.

But the individual star was the tiny Polish girl whose energy and enthusiasm matched the others twice her age and size.

Alnwick should be proud of 37 years of colour, music and dance. Long may they continue.

Colin Hierde,

Alport Road,