Fence it off

IN early spring 2011, the fence on the north east side of the entrance to the inner car park at Craster was removed. Although not perfect, it was a deterrent to youngsters climbing up the loose stone on the quarry face.

Craster Parish Council expressed concern at the time to NCC, because in the past we have had a young boy climb the face of the quarry and fall to his death.

The parish council has raised the matter on a number of occasions since, but no positive action has been taken.

It would appear that the county council does not wish to replace this important safety feature in a car park that generates in excess of £80,000 per annum.

We are given to understand that the NCC person in charge of the car parks will be on an annual salary of £38,000 and that the basic pay for the car park wardens will be in excess of £19,000.

Yet NCC would appear not to be able to afford to replace a fence that could prevent another fatality.

As a parish council all we ask for is a proper fence around this cash cow.

Craster Parish Council.