Family tree plea

CAN anyone help me?

I have been looking into my family background and both sides come from Northumberland. My parents were James Wedderburn and Catherine Marshall.

Dad James’ parents were John (Jack) Wedderburn and Margaret Marshall.

Dad had a sister, Jane Bel (Jean), who married Tom Barnett. They returned to the Jedburgh area after Tom retired.

Jean had all the family photos and documents, that I have never seen.

Dad’s father John’s parents were James Wedderburn and Elizabeth(?) and he was born in Norham.

Dad’s mother Margaret was the daughter of John Marshall and Jane Bel Robertson.

Margaret was born in Norham.

John Marshall’s parents were Robert Marshall and Margaret (?). Robert was born in Ancroft and Margaret in Kimmerson, near Ancroft.

My mother Catherine Marshall was the daughter of Robert Marshall and Isabella Brown.

Robert was born in Milfield, near Ancroft.

Isabella was born in Thornton, Norham, and her parents were Richard Brown and Catherine (?).

Roberts parents were Philip Marshall and Christina (?).

Philips Marshall’s parents were Robert Marshall and Margaret (?) and they are my great-great-great-grandparents on both sides.

I have no information, documents or photos for any of these people, not even my grandparents, John and Margaret Wedderburn or Robert and Isabella Marshall.

If anyone can help me with any knowledge or copies of documents or photos, I would be very grateful.

Mrs Margaret Austin,

41 Kingsway,


Lincs PE10 9DP