Excellent manager

AN appreciation of an excellent theatre manager.

From both acting and directing with the Alnwick Playhouse Stage Musical Society, to theatre steward, to being acting manager at the theatre and then finally to becoming manager of Britain’s best small theatre, I think, quite literally, that Vince Hope has ‘done it all’.

Being theatre manager, of course entails a lot of multi-tasking – booking artists and keeping them happy once they arrive, meeting and greeting theatregoers and providing them with tickets, assisting in the bar when necessary and also assisting with lights and sound in the control box, should there be a shortage of staff there – and these are just a few of the jobs a theatre manager has to do.

Mind you, Vince has a small but extremely efficient team to assist him. I don’t think he could have managed as well as he has without them.

If Vince has noticed any theatregoers who are new to the theatre, he has always made a point of going up to speak to them. That’s the way to get more custom.

Originally, Vince took over as acting manager, when the Playhouse was in a really bad place and very much in the doldrums.

He has worked very hard to bring it back to its original standard. In fact, I think the standard is even better now.

Indeed, all of us regular Playhouse-goers (and there are quite a number of us) are all very appreciative of all that Vince has achieved in the four years that he has been Playhouse manager and we’re all extremely sorry to see him go.

Goodbye Vince and lots of luck in your next job, which I’m sure will be another big success for you.

Sheena Campbell,

St Adians, Seahouses