Everyone has a voice

The Defra building in Alnwick.
The Defra building in Alnwick.

It is perfectly reasonable to have political opinions and express them on all subjects affecting the Nation.

We have been hearing all last week about the further failures of the Staffordshire Health Authority regarding the treatment of cancer in the elderly.

As an elderly voter, I have had many years to study the politics of our country, having joined the Conservative party in 1948 (over the National Health Service, but I am no longer a member) when we heckled and canvassed in Barons Court, a labour seat in London.

We did not interrupt the speakers but asked well-researched, awkward questions to show up bad policy.

It is very rude to shout people down and most of us are appalled at Prime Minister’s Question Time.

I have observed, due to our financial difficulties caused by bankers, Blair and Brown, that health authorities are being forced to cut back and are doing so by delaying consultations and treatment at hospitals so that it might appear they are enforcing the required pattern for paper returns.

Cancer is no longer regarded as a priority for treatment as it was in the ’50s to this century.

I have many examples of this but it will make this letter too long.

In answer to the anti-turbine writer of last week, they do not supply references for their opinion and they give no back-up for the safety of fracking.

He also fails to point out that windmills are the only power that can be rapidly started or stopped according to the needs of the Grid apart from the turbines in Snowdon or a similar place in Scotland which will come into question if Scotland votes to go alone.

He complains that the turbine companies get paid for them but fails to write about the payment to local villages like one near me which is receiving £800,000 per annum for the next 20 years from Middlemoor.

Sadly, I have to agree with him as to regard of the huge quantities of cash householders are having to pay to foreign companies allowed to get their hands on assets that used to belong to the Nation but sold off by parties both blue and red.

I am furious about our local Defra office, which has gone to a French company, which proposes to outsource these jobs to India, where wages are not at the sum required by the EU, while our own workers are put on as a cost to the taxpayer, never mind the fact that these offices are the closest for farmers in the north and the nearest office in future will be at Leeds.

The rate Westminster is progressing means that soon all the taxes local and national we pay will be going to support administrators on salaries unheard of.

It would be a good idea if letters to the editor should hold the name of the writer and just the address withheld or the writer should use e-mail as so many of us do.

Anne Wrangham,

By email