EUROPE: Leaving will strengthen us

It is always interesting to read the views of those such as Aidan Harrison who support our continued membership of the European Union, (Northumberland Gazette, January 28).

Never do they address the real issue, viz, should the United Kingdom seek to remain an independent sovereign nation or happily become a province of a country called Europe?

Ever since Jean Monnet, the so called ‘Father of the Common Market’, and an English civil servant called Arthur Salter first propounded the principle that the nation state be emasculated and replaced by a supra-national body governed by ‘wise and honest technocrats’, this has been the aim.

On the continent, politicians and others of the governing elite are happy to admit this, but it is denied or ignored by those in the UK who would have us remain in the EU.

A flag, anthem and diplomatic service already exist. Why does a group of supposedly independent nations need any of these things? Tergiversation on the part of the pro-European elite either ignores or fails to justify the creation of a common criminal code – a code that will not be based upon Common Law, but upon the Roman Law system of Corpus Juris that prevails in 25 of the 28 member countries. So goodbye trial by a jury of your peers, Habeas Corpus and the presumption of innocence; hello to the presumption of guilt and to a European Prosecutor.

How many pro-Europeans admit (or even know) of the desire of the European Commission to have half the lawyers operating in Europe to be trained in this Criminal Code by 2020?

This takes us to the Treaty of Velsen. How many of those who would have us stay in Europe have heard of this treaty? How many justify the treaty? Signed in October 2007, admittedly not yet by the UK, it sets up a pan European armed Gendarmarie. An armed police force set up on military lines, it can be sent in to support a government in times of unrest amongst the civil population. Although we are not yet a party to this treaty, no British Government has refused to be bound by its terms.

So like Schengen and the Euro it does affect us. The potential exists for a foreign armed police force to be deployed on the streets of the UK without any control being exercised by the Home Secretary, Chief Constable, or Police Commissioner. Likely? Probably not. Possible? Yes.

We have a history in the UK of policing by consent. This treaty makes it possible to police in order to control the public. The headquarters of this force is in Vincenza, Italy.

The Treaty of Rome called for the ‘ever closer union of the peoples of Europe’. Each successive treaty has taken this principle further. The next treaty, negotiations for which are due to begin shortly after 2019 will inevitably bring about further integration and move inexorably closer to the creation of a single state.

These things may well have an intellectual validity as an argument, but they are never made in the UK because if talked about openly and honestly they would be rejected.

I have opposed the EU in all its incarnations since 1968 because even then it was clear what was planned.

When you vote in the Referendum don’t do so just on narrow economic grounds. Vote in the knowledge that you are deciding whether or not you want to live in an independent sovereign nation able to make its own decisions in its own interests.

Leaving the EU will only strengthen us. A vote to remain is a vote to nurture our own nemesis.

Oh, and by the way, I didn’t get six percent of the poll last year, I achieved almost 12 percent.

Nigel Coghill-Marshall,

Ukip Candidate Berwick-upon-Tweed 2015