ENVIRONMENT: We do take pride in area

I don’t often respond to letters in the Gazette, but the recent letter from Wendy Boyd, of Warkworth, seems to need one. (Northumberland Gazette, September 17).

The edition that her letter appeared in also contained the news that Warkworth in Bloom had won the best large village in Northumberland award for the 13th year in succession, which seems in sharp contrast to her claims that the grass cutting, etc, in the village is inadequate.

Warkworth Parish Council spends a large part of its precept on grass cutting and general maintenance, and works closely with Warkworth in Bloom to ensure the village is one that residents can be proud of.

Frankly, to say that the council only takes pride in the village when there are events is completely unfair and unkind, and totally without foundation.

Northumberland County Council does, of course, generally spruce up areas when a special event is taking place, but isn’t that what you would expect? And isn’t that reasonable?

To my knowledge, Wendy Boyd has never contacted the parish council or her county councillor with any complaints and it seems a shame that she should choose to write a letter without sharing her concerns with them.

On a more positive note, I do agree with her sentiments about Walking With The Wounded, and through the Royal British Legion I do the best I can to support them.

Some comfort about the reception they received can be gained from the comment made by one of the participants that the reception they received and the kindness extended to them in the Amble area was the best they had experienced.

Jeff Watson,

County councillor,

Amble West

with Warkworth