ENERGY: Ups and downs of power costs

In a recent article in the Sunday Telegraph, information released by Ed Davey’s department of energy and climate change, we were told electricity prices will rise by 40 per cent by 2020 to pay for generous subsidies to windfarms.

Initially this would mean bills going by up around £250 a year or £440, if you are lucky enough to live in an electrically heated house.

Ministers originally tried to hide this information but companies got it released through a freedom of information request.

A spokesman for the DECC said: “They thought the information might be misleading.”

In the next Sunday’s issue, Ed Davey, Lib Dem energy secretary felt the need to write a letter in the Telegraph explaining that, yes, electricity prices were going up, but if we looked at the wider spectrum, they were actually going down.

Well Ed, that’s really nice to know. Now if you are like me and have been bombarded with election junk mail, I don’t know if you have noticed in the Lib Dem pamphlet there has not been one mention of green energy policies, so I think it is only fair for Julie Porsken to write to this paper and let us know where she stands.

Is she happy enough to see Northumberland with more windfarms, and is she happy enough to follow Ed Davey’s policies which will mean paying a lot more for our energy?

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