Encourage hard work

I LOVE reading the Gazette, as it features a lot of topics I am passionate about in general, while the other 40 per cent I find amusing due to their complete non-relation to the wider world.

On reading your article, The Boost We All Need (December 15), I was honestly livid. Why is it perceived that people in the North East, feel they should have jobs freely presented to them? This is partly why the region is in a difficult place at present.

Surely we have to accept times have changed and that primary industry is in decline here – therefore we should be promoting entrepreneurialism and innovation.

As much as education, it is about work ethic – stop settling for the norm, the mundane, the apparently accepted and do something different and special.

In my eyes, it is unacceptable to continue suggesting to these people that the ‘system’ is treating them badly.

Get off your backside, be ambitious, be business aggressive, go above the average and make this county special.

And if that’s not your thing then move to a place where you might achieve.

There are far too many people waiting for handouts.

We live in a competitive world – deal with it!

Please, please do not champion pity – it’s just such a waste of a page.

I fully expect you to try to lambast me, but for someone from Alnwick who continually sees locals complain about the Garden because they can’t get up to speed and embrace it and spin business off it, I am happy to get shot for saying what others should see also.

Graeme Smith,

Throgmorton Avenue,


Editor: We are not asking for special treatment, just a fair share of the cake, and offering this paper’s columns to help.