Electric works cause concern

I am writing to voice my concern about the works taking place along Victoria Road in Alnwick.

For two weeks, the road has been dug up all the way along from the layby outside Victoria House fish and chip shop to opposite the Co-op and the entrance to Queen Street, with a sea of red plastic barriers in place.

I live on the road and I know that Morrison Utilities has put a note through residents’ letterboxes to say that the electrical work taking place is necessary because the existing cables are ‘substandard’ and ‘very close to the end of their life expectancy and more prone to fault’.

I think I am right when I say that most people would want their electrics to be updated and we understand that the work needs to take place.

But it is causing a nightmare along the street.

Barriers, which have been put up all the way along, are overhanging drives which means that some residents are having to move them before they can actually park outside their own property.

Road furniture directing motorists is left in obscure positions, blocking driveways and the temporary footpath.

And then, to add to the works, people are continuing to park right outside the Co-op, leaving one, very narrow lane for traffic to pass through.

When you get a Co-op wagon making a delivery and stopping outside, it makes manoeuvring very, very difficult.

And if a bus stops to pick up passengers, then it gets even worse.

Cars coming out of Queen Street and turning left have a job to see what’s coming because of the cars parked in the way.

I appreciate that the work has to be done but it would have been nice if there was a bit more organisation.

Surely for the duration of the works there could have been a restriction on parking outside the Co-op which would help traffic move more freely.

The road is fast becoming very busy and when the new high school is built at Greensfield it will get even busier.

With quicker access to the sports centre and Sainsbury’s, Argos and the like, it is becoming a main road and needs to be treated as one.

Parking is a problem anyway without the electrical works adding to it.

It is an accident waiting to happen. Something needs to be done about it before it gets even worse.

I have written to the project manager, whose details were given on a letter to residents, but have so far received no reply and we have had no indication of how long the work is expected to last. Hopefully, it will be finished soon.

Name and address supplied