ELECTION: We’ll have to endure weeks of cold calling

2015: General Election year.
2015: General Election year.

Four months-plus to polling day and already I’ve had to endure cold calling at 6pm on a Saturday night in the freezing cold and pitch black.

Hardly conducive to generating political discussion around the dualling of the A1 and post-16 transport costs.

No doubt a well-meaning campaign lacky (I’ll refrain from naming and shaming), however, the political parties may wish to consider the appropriateness of cold-calling especially when the elderly, infirm, young families and people in general who do not wish to have someone knocking on the door on a Saturday night to inquire as to their political alliance. No doubt by May 8, we will be sick and tired of all the political ping-pong matches, but there is a time and place to discuss politics and on my doorstep in the dark and freezing cold is not one of them.

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