ELECTION: Vote positively, not tactically

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I write in support of the letter ‘Stop your patronising’ (name and address supplied) in the March 19 edition of the Gazette.

I agree with all the points raised and wish to add to them.

The issue of tactical voting is often raised in constituencies where there are a couple of favourites. But, by voting tactically the electorate is patronising the politicians.

If we continue to vote for policies and parties that we do not fully support in an attempt to stop the other party being elected then we will never get the policies we really want. The pundits say that this election is too close to call.

As no votes have yet been cast the field is actually wide open. Surely, it is best to vote for the policies we support.

Now is the time to make a statement to all politicians and tell them what we want.

There is a website – www.voteforpolicies.org.uk – that enables the comparison of each party’s policies, without personalities or electioneering, to make an informed decision about where to cast your vote.

The policies are given anonymously and you select the ones with which you agree the most. Only after you have chosen the policies is it revealed which party/parties most reflect your views. You may find it helpful and interesting.

I passionately support the democratic and political process and believe that most individual politicians seek to serve honourably. But, are you, like me, fed up with the way politics is conducted?

The unedifying shouting match that is Parliament; sound-bite policies; blame culture (the poor/immigrants); lack of respect for the population; the race to the bottom in cutting public spending and privatisation and the eagerness to appease the markets.

I wonder who governs for whom? It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the policies of the major parties; they seem to be trapped on the same policy-go-round.

If we continue to vote tactically we will get more of the same. We need radical change in the way we do politics. It is up to us to vote for that change.

Let’s stop doing it the old way and try something new – we have very little to lose. Second worst is not that different from the worst.

There is a party standing that does want to do things differently not only for this election but for a sustainable future for the benefit of the common good, the economy and the planet – think Green.

Geoff Hoskin,