Election thanks

Thank you letters after last week’s Nothumberland County Council election.


I am writing to express my thanks to everyone whose votes enabled me to retain my seat as an elected member for Alnwick on Northumberland County Council.

I also particularly thank my election agents, Pat and Tony Holt, whose tireless efforts paid off in my case, and to the several people, not least my long-suffering wife Liz, who trudged the streets delivering leaflets in a ward twice the size of any other in Northumberland.

There are too many other helpers to list here, but they know who they are.

My commiserations to the unsuccessful must first include my running mate, Bruce Hewison, whose campaigning efforts over many months, strongly supported by his wife Jeanette, also aided me.

The turnout of 37 per cent was about average, but is still well below half of the voting population and a sharp reminder to such as I that the electorate is not terribly connected to politicians of any calling and that we all need to work very hard to gain their trust and confidence.

The strong UKIP vote was certainly a surprise and a message to government that cannot be ignored.

I pledge to the people of Alnwick, Lesbury and Alnmouth, that I will do my utmost on their behalf to deserve the privilege of representing them, ever mindful that only a minority endorsed me. I will put local people before party politics and be receptive to the views of all before making a decision.

I also congratulate Heather Cairns in winning the other seat in the new Alnwick ward. I look forward to working together in common purpose.

Gordon Castle,

County Councillor,



I would like to thank the voters of Amble West with Warkworth for once again putting their trust in me and electing me for the ward, Amble Town Council and Warkworth Parish Council .

The large turnout, which was much higher than the national average, was a clear sign that residents in the area take a keen interest in local affairs. I will try to represent that interest as best I can.

My special thanks must go to those friends of mine who helped me with my campaign against more opponents than any other county councillor in Northumberland.I have never seen as many leaflets being distributed for a local election and I did wonder if my two literary efforts were being overshadowed.

However, by the slimmest of margins and after four recounts, I did succeed in being elected. After experiencing the tension and trauma of these recounts, I never want to have to go through another one ever again!

In conclusion, I would once again give thanks to all that voted for me in these elections and I would confirm that I will be available, as usual, to help all residents of the ward, whether you voted for me or not.

Thank you all.

Jeff Watson,

County Councillor, Amble West with Warkworth


I would like to thank all those who voted for me and worked with me to ensure my role as your county councillor for the next four years.

I assure you that I will do all I can to justify your support.

I will continue to work for, and with people of all political persuasions to ensure the best outcome for everyone in Glendale.

I can be contacted at the address below.

Coun Anthony Murray,

Oaklands, 8 Weetwood Road,



Please allow me, via your pages, to thank the voters and helpers in the Longhoughton Division who gave me their support on May 2.

Although I was not successful, I had the pleasure of meeting many friendly and interesting people, who have genuine worries about the rural areas of this beautiful county.

Having travelled extensively over the past 18 months I know the infrastructure has deteriorated dramatically and I hope we will still have something left to fight for at the next council election in 2017.

I will continue to campaign for the introduction of super fast broadband, the eradication of potholes and to oppose the spread of windfarms.

David Rixon, by email


I want to thank the people who voted for me at last week’s county council election.

I will now support the Bamburgh Division’s needs at County Hall to the best of my ability.

I plan to report on issues and progress through my website and an annual report. Transparency at County Hall is vitally important.

John Woodman,

County Councillor, Bamburgh Division,

Elford Farmhouse, Seahouses


On behalf of the Berwick-upon-Tweed Constituency Labour Party, I would like to thank all those supporters who helped in our campaign and voted for us in the recent county and parish elections.

The elections were fought for the most part in a positive and constructive manner, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all new councillors the best of luck in what is arguably some of the toughest economic and social conditions of recent years.

Bill Grisdale,


Berwick-upon-Tweed CLP