Election thank yous

More letters conveying their gratitudes for votes in the recent elections


May I through your column please thank everyone who helped me with my campaign to try to become a Conservative county councillor at the county council elections on May 2.

The numbers were many, but particular thanks go to my wife Jeannette, to Gordon Castle for his support, to my agent Tony Holt and his wife Pat who worked tirelessly on behalf of Gordon and me, and last but not least to the many people who gave up their valuable time to either canvass or deliver leaflets on behalf of Gordon and myself. Their help really was appreciated.

Since becoming a town councillor for Alnwick two years ago, I have served my local community with pride and during those two years have worked towards serving the community as a county councillor in the recent election.

I am proud to work alongside my fellow councillors and in particular Gordon Castle my Conservative ‘running mate’ for the election.

The public have chosen well in re-electing Gordon as their Conservative councillor who will continue to do a very good job of representing his community at county council level.

The election and the run-up to it was an eye-opener for me and for many.

Gordon and I ran a ‘clean campaign’, we laid out what we would do if elected and what the Conservative Party would do if they had taken control of the county council which obviously was the aim; and we came close.

UKIP, what can I say? UKIP are the party of protest but without any real policies. They stole our idea of free parking, but how they would have delivered that as a minority assuming a candidate was elected beggars belief. UKIP was no real threat as a party in waiting, but the damage they were able to do was to split the vote and cause utter mayhem.

UKIP gained 1,076 votes between their two candidates, a man and wife team. Most UKIP voters are believed to be disillusioned Conservatives, if that is the case then they have damaged their own local party and ultimately their own aspirations to have better ‘local’ representation for Alnwick division on the county council.

By using UKIP as a protest they have allowed Labour now to dominate the county council which will affect how our own rural area is governed by the Labour-dominated urban south east of Northumberland for the next four years.

Bruce Hewison MBE,

Proud Alnwick town councillor


I would like to convey my sincerest thanks to everyone in Rothbury, Coquetdale, Whittingham Vale, Glanton and Elsdon who voted on May 2.

The Rothbury Electoral Division (ward) registered the highest turnout of voters in the whole of Northumberland - which is fantastic.

At the same time I would like to thank-you for re-electing me to serve as your county councillor - I really do appreciate all of your support, and for being given the opportunity to represent you all for another four years, so my heartfelt thanks go to you all.

I would also like to pay tribute to the other candidates, Brian Hesler and Thelma Morse.

Could I also say a huge thank-you to all of the polling station staff (nearly all local people), counters, runners and all of the staff who helped run the election.

Coun Steven Bridgett,

Rothbury and Coquetdale


I am very excited to be representing the people of Alnmouth, Lesbury, Hipsburn, Denwick and Alnwick on Northumberland County Council. It is going to be quite an experience.

Clare Mills and I would like to thank everyone who helped in our campaign, from stuffing envelopes to knocking on doors with us on election day.

We spoke to over one thousand people during the campaign and thank-you for the courtesy with which you greeted us, with few exceptions.

Coun Gordon Castle and I know each other and we are agreed that we will do the best we can for you all.

Coun Heather Cairns,

Alnwick Liberal Democrats


May I express my gratitude to all those who voted to elect me as their councillor for the Longhoughton Division of the Northumberland County Council.

To my wife and family, I say a very big thank-you for their unstinting support over many years.

Unlike candidates representing the main parties, I received no financial aid, and funded my own campaign. I have relied upon the valued time and help of many friends across the political spectrum during my campaign. They are far too many to name but they know who they are, and I am extremely grateful to them for their efforts.

To be elected with an increased majority instils in me a belief that the work I have done in the past has been acknowledged, and furthers my desires to represent the people to the best of my ability, as always with honesty and integrity.

The message I have received from the voters is that they want someone to represent them who puts the needs of the community first and foremost, and want party politics kept out of local decision making. You have my assurance that that is what I shall aim to do.

I am always available to anyone who needs to bring issues to my attention, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I am, after all, here to help and represent all of the people of the Longhoughton Division.

Coun John Taylor.

Longhoughton Division