ELECTION: Tell us the truth about plans

After following politics for many years, I have ceased to be surprised by the hypocrisy of the Liberal Democrats

Voters in the Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency are being bombarded by leaflets from their candidate Julie Pörksen, accusing the Conservative candidate and the Conservatives more generally of secretly plotting to introduce differentiated regional pay scales.

Ms Pörksen has been told directly, in an unprecedented intervention by the Chancellor, that the Conservative Party has no intention or plans to introduce such regional pay, yet despite this she continues to pedal this falsehood in her literature.

What Ms Pörksen is concealing from voters is that regional pay is a Liberal Democrat idea. Lib Dem Treasury Chief Danny Alexander was the driving force behind this policy in Government, as revealed by Freedom of Information requests he explicitly wrote in a private letter ,‘Local pay brings with it the potential to support a greater number of public sector jobs for the same level of spending and help local businesses become more competitive and expand’.

Local people want their candidates to tell the truth about their plans, and deliberately misrepresenting your opponent to score cheap political points by scaremongering is unworthy of someone aspiring to be a Member of Parliament.

David Bawn,

The Villas,