ELECTION: Stop your patronising

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It’s only two months until we get the chance to vote on the direction of the country and the region.

Given that I would like to ask the prospective MPs to stop patronising us and quarrelling about petty issues.

Instead, it would be good if they just presented the facts and their policies to us.

I would like to think I am not alone in being able to choose who to vote for in an educated, adult way. I’d like the candidates to articulate and debate their point of view in this respectful, educated way.

With this in mind, please stop telling us the following fallacies:

Please don’t tell us that a vote for Labour will mean a Conservative government. It just isn’t true and isn’t an argument that will win us over.

Votes have not yet been cast, people can change their minds and nothing is carved in stone. You need to work harder than that to intimidate us.

Please stop squabbling about who will dual the A1. A coalition government of two parties have agreed this policy. Either one will do the job now. Well done to you both, I’ll buy the cake.

Please don’t resort to insulting each other. I understand from all the flyers I receive that you all have good and bad sides.

I’m casting a vote of policies, not on divine morality.

Finally, please don’t resort to cluttering up the streets of Alnwick with a giant bus containing churlish slogans. No matter how important you think the message is, it is not.

There are better ways of communicating than parking on double yellows, putting unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere and causing problems to pedestrians trying to get to the bank.

Despite this letter looking negative, I am entirely positive about the election.

This year, we have five good candidates to vote for who stand for a tangible divergence of policies.

As there should be something for everyone, there is no excuse not to vote. In fact, this is the first time since 1987 that we have a Green candidate, which just goes to highlight the importance of environmental issues.

Quite rightly, they are no longer a background topic.

This is a democracy and no votes have been cast yet – on May 7, people can wake up and choose whoever they want.

Many lives and freedoms have been given for this opportunity. These are exciting times but I’d like to repeat, please don’t patronise us.

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