ELECTION: Creating a nightmare

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Alex Salmond has made no secret of his intentions if the SNP holds the balance of power after May. It is worth considering how damaging they would be, especially to north Northumberland.

It goes without saying that even more cash would have to be poured over the Scots - which means that taxes in all of England would go up, and/or our public services decrease.

Worse still to this area, however, is the likely use of some of that extra cash to allow Scotland to attract businesses and jobs away from us. Lower taxes, lower business rates, training subsidies, you name it – a case of being shot by our own bullets, if ever there was one.

Do think of the nightmare that you will be creating if you allow a Milliband/SNP informal coalition in via the back door.

One last thought - who would be the stronger character? Have a wild guess.

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