ELECTION: Candidate thank-yous

General Election count at Willowburn'Picture by Jane Coltman
General Election count at Willowburn'Picture by Jane Coltman

A couple of candidates running in last week’s General Election for Berwick sent in their thanks.

Through your columns, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me to become the new Member of Parliament for Berwick-upon-Tweed.

I would like to also thank the election staff, the police, my fellow candidates, Alan Beith and all the many volunteers who helped with the campaign.

It is a great honour and privilege to represent the people of Berwick and north Northumberland at Westminster.

I am greatly excited and truly humbled to be given this opportunity and grateful for all the many well-wishers, included those offering support despite having voted for one of the other candidates.

The Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency is one of the country’s largest, spanning 1,000 square miles. I pledge to speak up for, represent and fight injustices for the whole of north Northumberland from Berwick right down to Linton and Lynemouth and across all the way to Elsdon.

My priorities will include; getting the road started and making sure that we build the case for the investment for dualling the rest of the A1, to make sure the Northern Powerhouse comes as far as the border and holding George Osborne to his promise to create an Enterprise Zone so that Amble, Alnwick and Berwick can draw in new business and create jobs.

I also pledge to be here for everyone in Berwick and across north Northumberland and to make myself fully accessible to represent the interests of all my constituents.

I will be available to meet residents between 2pm and 4pm this Friday, May 15, in Alnwick; contact annemarie.trevelyan.mp@parliament.uk

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP,


I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who voted for me in the General Election last Thursday.

Thank you too, to the many people who have helped me in the campaign to follow Sir Alan Beith as the next MP for the Berwick constituency.

The number of good wishes for the future sent by people – some of whom I have met and some of whom I have not – have been most gratefully received.

Your support for all of us involved in the Liberal Democrats’ campaign helped our whole team work even harder.

So many people who I met on the doorstep trusted me with serious issues they face and I am very disappointed that I will not be able to help them as their MP, but I will continue to take up people’s cases as a local campaigner. I will not abandon those who need help.

We still need a strong voice to uphold the values of a liberal and fair society. It is a responsibility that I would have taken very seriously if elected as well as championing our rural communities, economy and services in this ever more urban and South-East centric world. I will continue to do so from outside Parliament.

I will carry on working on some of the issues identified through discussions with residents and businesses across the country – from farm bureaucracy and post-16 transport to our ambulance service – to make a difference to all of us here in Northumberland.

Julie Pörksen,

Liberal Democrats,

I would like to thank all those who voted for me as the Green Party candidate in the Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency. That includes the 171 students at the Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick who voted for me in their mock election, which I won by one vote.

I also want to thank those from all political persuasions and none who spent time discussing issues on the doorstep and sent me on my way with good-luck messages.

We haven’t had a Green Party candidate in a General Election in our constituency since 1987. In that year, we achieved 379 votes or 0.9 per cent of the vote; 28 years later, we achieved 1,488 votes – 3.7 per cent of the vote. We did this in a strongly-fought marginal seat where many people choose to vote tactically.

Nationally, the Green Party achieved a record result in Thursday’s General Election, winning 1.2million votes across the country.

Caroline Lucas, who was elected the first Green MP in 2010, retained her Brighton Pavilion seat, increasing her vote share by 10.5 per cent. The Greens came second in a further four constituencies.

On a local and national level, we will be campaigning for electoral reform – for a system of proportional representation that reflects the votes of everyone and that encourages participation in elections and shows people that their vote counts.

The particular local themes, from my conversations on the doorstep – on transport, health, education, housing, planning and employment – will continue to be central to the Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency Green Party and we will bring those themes back at parish, town and county council elections in coming years.

I would like to pay tribute to the other candidates in the election – I met most of them on a number of occasions at hustings and broadcast events, and found them to be committed to their cause and welcoming towards me.

I would like to wish Anne-Marie Trevelyan every success in her work on behalf of the constituency.

I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve in such a short time. We have had a tiny budget for electioneering, but a huge groundswell of goodwill from new members, volunteers and voters and we will continue this. I will be working alongside other Berwick Greens on local projects and campaigns to make life in Northumberland better for all.

Rachael Roberts,

Green Party Candidate

In congratulating Anne-Marie Trevelyan on her victory, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the voters of the Berwick-upon-Tweed constituency for their support at the ballot box in the recent General Election.

Here in Berwick, Ukip has almost quadrupled its share of the vote and we have built a firm foundation upon which to build for the future. To that end, we will increase our activity over the next two years.

Our regular meetings will become more focused on specific matters of local and national importance and interest. We have shown that we can attract support from previous supporters of the other parties and from those who had not previously voted.

The fact that my campaign was based upon issues such as greenbelt encroachment, the destruction of our fishing industry and the plight of small businesses shows that we have policy programmes far exceeding just our withdrawal from the EU and controlling immigration.

The new Government has promised a referendum on our continued membership of the EU in 2017. It will be a priority of Ukip to ensure that the promised vote, does take place.

I have been fighting for Britain to remain outside the EU in all its incarnations since before we joined the Common Market and will continue to do so.

It is not only members of Ukip that share those aims. As the crucial vote approaches, we will need a huge team of like-minded people to join in our crusade to free our country from the EU. If you wish to become part of that movement, please join us.

Two other questions require urgent attention, the voting system and the relationship between the constituent parts of the United Kingdom.

There is something inherently wrong with a voting system that rewards a party gaining almost four million votes with a single MP.

That needs to be addressed for future elections.

We invite all supporters of Ukip living in the constituency to become members and to come to our meetings.

Our meetings take place on alternate months on the second Tuesday of the month. The next meeting will be in July. If you are interested in coming to that meeting please email me at ukipalnwick@outlook.com and I will arrange for details to be sent to you.

Nigel Coghill-Marshall,

Ukip Candidate

On behalf of Amble and Warkworth Conservatives we would like to thank all the people that voted for and all of the foot soldiers that did, canvassing, telephoning, etc, you really were stars and it has been so much appreciated.

Our mission was to get Anne-Marie Trevelyan the parliamentary candidate for north Northumberland elected and we say very proudly you did it, thank you, without the people of north Northumberland this would not have been achieved and we now have a very strong voice in Westminster which I am sure Anne-Marie will use for us.

Anyone interested in joining our branch please telephone 01665711687 or Eileen.williams5@virginmedia.com thank you once again,

Peter Robinson,

Chairman, Amble and Warkworth Conservatives,