EDUCATION: Important for all of us

Glendale Middle School
Glendale Middle School

I want you to be aware of an important meeting to be held in Glendale Middle School on Thursday, February 26, at 7pm to discuss possible changes in the Alnwick Partnership of schools.

Technically Wooler is not part of the Alnwick Partnership but because a considerable number of our young people move to the high school in Alnwick, any changes made will be relevant to us.

I appreciate that young members in some families will move on to Berwick Academy but the effects of what could happen to our educational system in Glendale make it imperative that we are all aware of the implications.

At the present time the headmaster and governors in both Wooler schools are discussing ways and means of providing a more integrated system of education in Wooler to cater for our young people aged four to 13.

We must do all we can to ensure that the grounding they receive in their early years is not weakened by changes that could take place to their further education.

I stress that the meeting on February 26, at 7pm is a public one, so even if you are not involved in our schools at the present time, please attend if you are interested in the future of education in our area.

The issue under discussion could have long-term effects on the educational future of Glendale and the families who live here.