DUALLING: Stop this struggle to claim credit

A1 road between Alnwick and Morpeth.
A1 road between Alnwick and Morpeth.

As a professional driver, I am very hopeful when I read the reports that central government may at last be recognising the safety and business case to dual the A1 north of Morpeth.

I look forward to reading the detail of how the government intends to implement the long overdue dualling of this dangerous piece of road to bring it up to the standard we need to increase safety and prosperity in Northumberland.

I am rather saddened that some people have tried to turn this excellent news into a political football.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, as the leader of the Dual the A1 Campaign, has been campaigning on this issue for many years and has brought the case directly to senior government ministers who are finally listening to what we have known for decades.

It is a little bit ludicrous that now the plan looks set to go ahead, Sir Alan Beith, who despite being the local MP for 40 years and achieving nothing on this issue, is trying to claim the credit. What is even more tragic is his mini-me Julie PÖrksen also trying to get in on the act.

Let us celebrate this excellent achievement without a grubby struggle to try and claim the credit.

Dave Herne,