Dual the A1 now

I SEE that London is again debating the A1 road into Scotland.

It is certainly an essential idea that the minister for roads views the road properly but it is essential that such a visit takes place in the summer and not when the road is quiet.

My main reason for this letter is that the article you printed last week writes that the plan is to dual the areas where the present accidents are.

This has been the cause of the trouble since we got the Alnwick bypass which the then government insisted on being single carriageway despite all the objections from the Alnwick District Council of the day.

If one travels from Newcastle to the Borders the road goes back and forth from single to dual and back again for the 75 or so miles and motorists assume it will continue dual.

The lorry traffic is apt to block overtaking as soon as the dual carriageway is met and frustrated drivers then take risks as the road is returning to single lane.

The only answer is to stop this ridiculous, piecemeal approach and dual the road as it is north of the border.

The Scots dealt with this due to their greater allowances from London years ago.

The only reason to go west to the Border is the problems on the east road and, in any case, Carlisle is really only good for Glasgow.

The eastern traffic from the south for the Highlands tends to come up our way and this is what makes the road so crowded in the spring, summer and autumn months.

Anne Wrangham,

By email