Don’t rely on simple promises

No one can blame the Scots for demanding what they think they have been promised.

We can safely bet on promises of insurrection and UDI by Christmas.

Any ability for Scotland to slash business and personal tax rates and still receive 20 per cent more money than England to spend on schools, welfare etc would, however, reduce our region to a wasteland.

What rational business or individual would move to, or even stay here?

Westminster politicians of all three main parties will only stand up to the tantrums to come, however, if there is a very good (ie ballot-box) reason for them to do so. Rely on their love alone and we are lost forever.

Here’s a suggestion: As UKIP was not involved in any panic promises, let us all sign an undertaking to vote for them unless we are fairly treated.

It costs you nothing and does not commit you to vote against your current favoured candidate unless their party skewers us.

The show may well be over by the time the General Election gets here.

Come on Mr Coghill-Marshall, our UKIP candidate, get a ‘North East Pledge’ form online now and let’s all get it viral.

Unless we immediately get as active as the Scots, we have only ourselves to blame for the collapse in jobs and house prices here that will surely follow.

Dudley George,