Don’t misuse your blue badge disabled parking cards

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I SEE that the government is finally going to clamp down on the illegal use of blue badge disabled parking cards.

This is great news as all too often our hospital, supermarket and town parking spaces for those with badges are misused. Not only by people without a badge, and no right for, or need of, one, but, increasingly, by the badge-holders themselves.

We all too often see a car parked in a ‘disabled’ bay with an elderly person alone in the car, while all their family are shopping.

This is not allowed, the badge is so that the disabled person themselves, whether a driver or passenger, can easily access shops and services. It is not permitted for others to use the badge, leaving the holder in the car.

Also, we often cross on the dropped kerb on the Narrowgate side of Baileys Coffee House (in Alnwick), we regularly see this vital accessible crossing place blocked by cars displaying a disabled badge. Please don’t do this, it is illegal and causes great difficulties for those needing to cross here.This abuse of what is a generous resource shames those of us who also have a blue badge card, such as my husband, and gets people cross with all of us.

Did you know that your family member can lose their right to the badge and be fined if you leave them sitting in the car while you go shopping?

Let’s all play fair, those spaces are only for those needing the ease of access to shops and services, not family, friends or simply those too lazy to walk a bit further.

Catherine Davies,