Don’t let louts ruin our town

When I first moved to Northumberland some 18 years ago, I used to pick up a copy of the ‘Alnwick Gazette’.

Back then, it was a good newspaper with very little crime being reported.

The fact that a main thoroughfare in the town is restricted by the Hotspur Tower, yet the only traffic management required is the politeness and courtesy of the residents gives you some idea about the quality of life enjoyed hereabout.

It has saddened me over the last few weeks to read about the loutish behaviour around the local bus station, escalating into a robbery.

Is this the start of Alnwick sliding into the mire or is there still time to preserve our standards?

If you see an offence being committed report it to the police, be prepared to give a witness statement and if necessary give evidence in court. Don’t let the louts ruin our town.

CS Blease,