Don’t forget about the staff

Stop moaning, think Christian thoughts and enjoy time with your children!

I have followed the closure of St Cuthbert’s RC First School and have been saddened that staff have never been mentioned.

A letter written on May 8 (written by a Rachel McGarvey), focused on children, friends, their children and the wider community.

What about the staff who face losing their jobs?

Then last week’s article (Decision to shut axed school early) criticised the school for closing early.

As a retired teacher, I know how hard staff work in schools, especially as it comes towards the end of the school year and I could only imagine how the staff of St Cuthbert’s are feeling at the moment, having to close down a school.

Why don’t the parents remember their Christian spirit that they signed up to as members of that school, focus on and support the school instead of moaning?

Two extra days’ holiday isn’t a huge amount when you consider there will be another six weeks after that.

Enjoy all the opportunities you get with your children as time is precious.

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