Don’t deny us access now

We were surprised and alarmed by your recent report on a meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council who are to approach the county council again to install bollards to prevent parking on the roadside ajacent to St Aidan’s dunes.

We have recently moved here from Shropshire but have holidayed in this area for more than 20 years.

During this time we and thousands of others have enjoyed unfettered access to the dunes and beach at St Aidan’s, by parking at the roadside, and using the gates, stiles, paths, steps, handrails and boardwalks provided by the National Trust.

Are we now to be denied all this, and at whose behest?

Many of us are disabled, or simply old and infirm.

The prospect of having to walk from Seahouses or, worse still, from Bamburgh will effectively prevent us from gaining access to this magical place.

LB & B Merrywether

Windsor Gardens