Dogs should be tagged

The reason that dog poo appears on the streets of Northumberland is because unthoughtful owners toss their dogs out when they rise in the morning.

This was observed in Warkworth years ago and is probably the problem in Alnwick and Amble.

This problem will be helped by the tagging of dogs and then dog wardens picking up strays will be able to identify owners.

I myself would licence people to own dogs and then people would be confirmed as responsible for their pets.

Dogs carry a parasitic worm which is lethal to our children when they play in the streets or even the playgrounds.

This worm was found by Harvey Jackson, pioneer neurosurgeon, before the war.

A particular danger is from puppies under three months as they are yet to be treated fully from this parasite.

Harvey Jackson was regarded as an expert in this type of infestation and children playing in contaminated areas and then not washing their hands pick up the worms. The parasite invades the child’s eye and causes blindness.

Cat owners should remember that a similar parasite from cats is dangerous for pregnant women.

Anne Wrangham