DOGS: Not okay to hijack fun

This may seem like a petty matter, but I feel the need to bringing it to your attention

It does not seem at all possible to be able to do anything in peace on Alnmouth beach.

I was trying to have a peaceful game of football and kite flying with my family (the last day of them visiting), regularly interrupted by people who for some reason can’t keep their animals with them, let alone control them.I must have missed the day when dogs became king, and we became their slaves.

A older woman and the man she was with, and their two dogs, decided to interrupt our family time and I stood by for a couple of minutes waiting for her to intervene, while my nine- year-old nephew was chased by two dogs much bigger than himself.

I asked the woman if she was planning on getting her animals under control, to which I was told I was very rude.

I explained it was her responsibility to deal with them not ours.

Since when is it OK to completely hijack the fun being had by complete strangers, such as this and then to allow two dogs to chase after a child.

I intervened because I was afraid of my nephew being bitten or the dog popping the ball and our day being ruined further.

This is a regular situation on the beach. By all means, let the dogs run freely, but take some responsibility. They should be with the owner not causing havoc down the beach somewhere. I see it all the time, and it is always someone else’s fault, the dog likes the ball, the dog doesn’t like whatever, where is the owner’s responsibility.

But I never see this sort of thing happening at Warkworth for example. I will now avoid Alnmouth for the foreseeable future because I don’t want to be having confrontations with people such as this.

Do we all have to take the chance of being knocked into, jumped at or bitten just because owners of these animals are far too feeble? I for one am not taking this chance.

In addition to this, I am also seeing people coming to the beach in the evening and drinking excessively to then drive off (young men and not locals); speed boats in the water today behaving in a reckless manner, very close to the shoreline with some brave people heading off for a swim.

Alnmouth is a very popular tourist destination, this needs to be considered because currently I will not advise anyone to visit. This change in behaviour is certainly not unrelated to some incidences of recent antisocial behaviour.

The whole situation needs dealing with.

Miss Orr.