Dogs do good as well as bad

A dog on a beach
A dog on a beach

In response to your dog-hating correspondent.

While I totally agree that a number of dogs on the local beach can be out of control and a menace to those on horseback or those with a canine phobia, there are many that are obedient and follow their master’s instructions when told to.

If I was a person that was uncomfortable with dogs, I would certainly find it worrying if approached by an out-of-control dog.

However, there is a large percentage of people who own dogs in the locality purely to encourage us to get out in the open air and take exercise and appreciate the most fantastic beaches England has to offer.

The friendship and fun that a dog provides to it’s owners is truly wonderful.

If a dog is shown kindness and love, it will return this to it’s human owners tenfold.

I cannot imagine life without my canine friends and without them my daily walk on the local beach would be a far less enjoyable thing to do.

We mustn’t forget the dogs that work for their living from sniffer dogs, some of whom have been killed on active duty with their very brave handlers trying to prevent loss of life on many a global battle field,gun dogs, police dogs,sheep dogs, guide dogs,hearing dogs, rescue dogs and even petting dogs that visit hospices and older people’s homes to give their inhabitants a new experience for the day and a much-needed ray of sunshine.

So, basically many humans rely on their dogs to carry out their daily work as dogs rely on us to care for them.

My advice to your correspondent is to take a holiday in Korea where he/she can exact revenge on the canine race and eat one.

Francis Armstrong, Gonzo, Lola and Dan.

Bamburgh Castle