DOG MESS: Festive plea to dog owner

Picking up dog dirt.
Picking up dog dirt.

I am reluctant to sound a discordant note at the festive season, but I have a Christmas appeal to make via your letters page.

It is to the the person who is regularly walking what must be a large dog along Lesbury Road in Hipsburn and depositing large quantities of toxic waste on the pavement.

This has been a frequent occurrence in recent weeks and the results are very unpleasant to say the least, especially when using the footpath on dark mornings and evenings.

The path is used by pedestrians, people with children, pushchairs and so on who all run the risk of treading in something very nasty.

I haven’t yet seen the offending dog and owner, perhaps they operate under cover of darkness, but they cannot be unaware of the problem they are causing.

This is a polite request to the owner to stop it and also to alert other local residents to keep an eye out for this canine hazard!

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