Do you know we exist?

COULD someone explain to me the logic of why a theatre which attracts roughly half an annual audience gets four times the funding of a theatre which also has the only resident touring theatre company in north Northumberland, a community choir, a community band, junior and senior theatre groups and is a community and educational centre for the whole of Alnwick and surrounding area.

Following lack of support for the dualling of the A1 and the continuous lip service paid to and lack of action for a new Duchess’s High School, one cannot but be cynical about the effort (or should that be lack of effort), of our politicians, both national and local, on issues such as this.

One gets the impression that Alnwick has been air brushed from the Northumberland County Council records when it comes to funding but gets remembered when charges such as car parking etc are put up.

No wonder minority political parties suddenly become attractive.

RB Wilson,

The Maltings