Do they really understand this town?

HOW do the councillors and the Duke really feel about Amble?

The proposed development of land near the Braid in Amble has provoked lots of hearsay, rumour and heated discussion.

I have tried to look at different sides, being well aware of all councils walking a fine financial line over horrendous budget cuts.

But no matter how hard I try, I cannot understand why the council wants this supermarket and housing development to go ahead.

As Amble relies on tourism for a main part of its income, this is not the best development to attract visitors and future residents into the area.

Why oh why, when the first application for this project was refused, because the negative impact of this development outweighed any benefits, was this ruling overturned and the application given approval?

How can a supermarket and car park be built right in front of a row of listed buildings that are people’s homes?

How can an access road be built across the Braid, used by both wildlife and the general public and in order to cater for this road, trees will have to be felled and wildflowers such as wild bluebells and crocuses destroyed?

Amble has a unique character, heritage and landscape that a lot of people in other parts of this country would give their eye teeth for! Why not transform the land in question into a nature trail/gardens, involving local people of all ages? Restore some of the buildings in situ into resource centres for local crafts, Maritime Education, teaching conservation and respect for the land and wildlife.

Both the Duke and the council should remember they are accountable and responsible for the best care for this land and the best for the people of Amble.

L Jenkinson,