DISTURBANCE: Village like a racetrack

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I have just returned from visiting relatives in Northumberland. I spent over a week in Warkworth, my first visit in almost five years.

At first, I thought nothing had changed. The village looked almost the same as I remembered – pretty, lovely shops, nice pubs, beautiful scenery.

However, come the evenings and weekends it felt like the place was transformed into a giant racetrack.

The speed and noise of some of the cars and motorbikes thundering along the riverside walk and through the village was amazing.

The noise of some of the bikes was deafening and totally inconsiderate.

My cousin and his family rarely sit in their garden during weekends in the summer months.

Apparently, residents have complained, but to no avail.

I urge residents to protest to their town council without delay before a tragedy occurs, and for the peace of the village.

D McLeod,