Discarded fish hook left me with hefty bill

On Tuesday, July 17, I was walking my dog Cailean around the pier in Amble, and heard him grab something in his mouth.

Imagine my panic when I opened his mouth and I saw the end of a fish hook, which he quickly swallowed before I could get it out.

I took him to the vet, and he was X-rayed. The fish hook he had swallowed was long with a barbed end, and luckily hadn’t punctured or shredded anything on the way down. The hook had to be surgically removed.

Cailean is recovering well, though he has to eat special food that’s light on his stomach, is on a course of antibiotics, and has a large wound on his stomach. I now have a hefty vet bill.

All this is because someone was either careless or just couldn’t be bothered to pick up their hook after they’d finished fishing. It’s not the first time I’ve seen fish hooks left on the pier and I quite often see discarded fishing line tangled on the sides of the pier.

I write this letter, not to complain, but to urge fishermen to be responsible. When you cut off a hook, put it somewhere safe and take it with you.

Please, when you’re picking up your fishing equipment, look around to see if you’ve left anything. Thank you.

Justin Cooper

Broomhill Street, Amble