Did we elect a mouse?

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RE MP welcomes halt to sales (Gazette, February 17).

Just in case anyone was confused by the article (MP welcomes halt to sales) about our forests – Sir Alan did not vote against the now abandoned sale.

He made a short contribution to the debate and walked out before the vote took place.

I think this counts in his book as a wild rebellion.

Sir Alan also refused to sign the early day motion opposing the sale, saying: “I do not share the view that the policies it advocates depend on maintaining the present level of public ownership.”

He only wants better safeguards around sales.

I do not recall that the 750,000 people who signed the public petition wanted better safeguards.

They wanted the nation’s forests to belong to the nation.

In another remarkable display of wobbly fence-sitting, Sir Alan has shown once again that he will do the coalition’s bidding come what may.

We seem to have elected a mouse.

Ally Lees,

Greensfield Avenue,