Devolution will cause problems

So far the Gazette has given no publicity to the devolution referendum being held in Scotland in September.

I am particularly concerned about the affect a yes vote would have for this northern end of the county.

Already the banks and accountants and legal services are talking about the problems that may occur with a yes vote.

Lord Joicey, a week or so ago, was raising this on BBC Radio Four and the vote is now only five months away.

There are many cross-border services such as schools, legal and accountancy services.

The Border General Hospital was built to serve the Borders both sides of the line and is greatly used by Berwick and Wooler for accident and emergency.

It is particularly needed now the Northumberland health authority has closed the latter service at Alnwick Infirmary.

Farming already is at a disadvantage with the costs of hill farming.

One of the things that I feel strongly about is the various political parties offering special financial deals if Scotland votes yes.

Already Scotland has a greater allowance from our taxes; this is noticeable on the far better condition of the roads as soon as one crosses the border.

Money has been robbed from the distant rural counties of England since 1984, steadily so that now in Northumberland there is virtually no social services for the elderly at home in this county.

Then there is the question of the Scottish pound which one knows very well is unacceptable south of the border.

I feel if Scotland votes yes then we, the English, should have the chance to vote whether they can have a joint currency with us, bearing in mind the problems the Bank of Scotland has given us, the taxpayers of England. London is far too keen on making decisions which affect us without consultation.

The last election gave the Parliamentary parties no indication of this problem, so we have had no chance on a referendum, which is likely to break up 400 years of union and has as much importance to the English.

I certainly feel that if the answer is yes, then Scotland has no place in the Parliamentary election next year as they should not be telling England what to do then.

Anne Wrangham